Saturday, August 23, 2008

Jellycat Stuffed Animals! Perfect for any kiddo!
Tooth fairy pink and blue. $32
The Birthday Interview....this is such a cute idea! Grandma's get your checkbook out...this would be wonderful to give to your grown kids. The lowdown: The Birthday Interview is a keepsake box that contains everything you need to conduct an interview every year on the child's birthday, using your video camera. Every year, add the party invitation, pictures, and any other special birthday reminders to the keepsake box. It's a box full of special memories for your family to enjoy!

The box contains the following:

1) a booklet with interviewing tips and a list of 35 suggested interview questions
2) an instructional dvd with information that can be accessed on your computer including a sample interview
3) a sheet of adhesive labels to identify each child's tape/dvd

Appliqued Cross bibs and matching burp cloths. Bibs $14 and Bib/Burp sets are $26.
More Melissa and Doug...soft toys. Picnic Basket Fill and Spill and First Piggy Bank Play Set...both are $19.99 and make the PERFECT gift for a 1st birthday party!

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